Monday, October 10, 2011

No Child Left Behind

I really don't understand No Child Left Behind. In my class Child Development 2, we have been discussing NCLB. What NCLB is No Child left Behind. No Child left Behind is a United States Act of Congress concerning the education of children in public schools. The NCLB have requirements that the teachers and students have to accomplishs in a little bit of time of 180 days of work. The requirements are all students must be highly qualified, take a standardize test, and meet the AYP (adequate yearly progress). This doesn't make any since highly qualified what's that supposes to me. Everybody is different in their own way. Students have to take a standadrdize test that teacher prep them for about a month or two long. How can you meet the AYP when our school board is all messed up. If you can't meet the NCLB, then you lose you funding for school. I'm so confused with the NCLB. Was George Bush even thinking when he proposed this. I'm glad that this is being reauthorized because I have been birdwatching a lot of things that have been said about NCLB. And to my knowlegde, from a bird's point of view a lot of students are being lefted behind.

  1. What can be changed about the NCLB?
  2. Why are students being rushed to take a test, if funding is being taking away?
  3. Do the school's board really care about the student education?


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  2. If this isn't address the right way a lot of children will not succeed. It will be a lot of students failing by the age of 11 and 12 years old. As a future teacher, I will teach students want they need to know their requirements. NCLB left behind hopefully by the time I start teaching it will be gone. I would like to see all my students be successful and not fail.

  3. I think that school boards do care about the students and the education of them. Of course, this does not stand for all school boards, but as future educators we can hope that people are running for these positions with the student's best interests in mind. Students are being rushed to take a test because the government is not giving the schools an option. Likewise, they are not performing as well as they should be in many districts because the students are not having to care about their scores. Maybe if we did something to change the students not caring, it would not be as much of a challenge to pull through this act and see the end of a non-beneficial program.

  4. Your right a lot of students really don't care about their scores. Their scores doesn't effect their grades, so a lot of students hesitate or give up. As a future teacher, I'm making it my priority to get students to care. This is non-sense. The government never give the school systems an option, yet their closing a lot of low scoring schools down. I'm confused ;-{ Can you answer this question? If the students stop caring who do you think need to step up and make the students start caring. Why is the government always saying DO THIS AND THAT if not this will happen. This is students education not a game system.

  5. Its to be expected from a 'one size fits all' education. Putting all our standards in a test seems a bit backwards to me, you put to use what you learn in what you prepare to do for the rest of your life. Taking twelve years to learn all the basics seems a bit much to me too. Way back when students learned the basics before they went through their teenage years. Also, its a mode of standardization that is being used to 'assess' the people on what they know. So if they meet standards they'll get sufficient funding. Not meeting proficient standards will result in government action if standards aren't met within a certain amount of time.
    By the time I left my High School, they were on corrective action III. Not sure how long it will take for actual government officials to come in and start taking charge. I'm already dissatisfied with the state of our government anyway, so the things I learn, the more I get pissed off. So I don't try to learn the things our government has failed us on. Besides that, we the people should be taking responsibility for ourselves, rather than relying on an institution that has consistently failed the people they governed when they were vested as the most sovereign power in the country it was based in. This is consistent throughout history, so its nothing new.

  6. Right on the nose... I agree with you 100%. I'm very independent and really can't stand our government. I believe as a future teacher we can speak the truth. We see and live it everyday. It's impossible to come at this bind-folded. You talking about pissed off this is very overrated. Students graduate high school with a middle school level of thinking. I know when I teach I'm going to speak the truth, take my method of learning and expand it with teaching skills.

  7. I think that although I do not agree with most of NCLB I do think learning more in such critical areas as English and the sciences is important. I incredibly dislike though taking out the arts and music programs simply to accomplish those goals. I agree, that there should be more individual choice and not all students are what they score on any test.