Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This video is good for students who don't know how to count by five, yet at the sametime the excitment of the song students will learn how to count by fives.


  1. Exciting videos like this are resources that teachers like myself are going to grow to rely on. I think students can successfully learn this way because of the interaction that can be included by the teacher. I thought this video was very cute and educational. Students are sure to remember the video, which in return will help them learn to count by fives.

  2. Right! The first time I watched the video I start laughing. The reason is that I can picture many students singing the song. Going down the hall, having fun, and remembering their numbers will get a lot of viewer and change our society. I really love this video. ;-}

  3. If only school could be a place where you have fun while learning, and learn what you wanted to a small extent. Some things are just pertinent to know like reading, writing and arithmetic. Other than that great video.