Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 21st Century Classroom

Hello, everyone my name Dashaya Williams. I am a current student at Edinboro University. My major is Early Childhood Education. I would like to become a teacher in the Pittsburgh area teaching 2nd grade. As a future teacher, I have plans on having my own classroom. I have a vision on how I'm going to setup my classroom based on the 21st century.Technology and multimedia plays a role in the 21st century according to http://www.21stcenturyschools.com/Designing_21st_Century_Classroom.htm. New technology is increasingly risen forcing its self into the school districts. Inside of my classroom, I would like to have smart boards, cell phones, laptops, and computers. This give my students the opportunity to go above and beyond their knowledge about technology. I would like to connect my students to technology globally. http://www.21stcenturyschools.com/What_is_21st_Century_Education.htm.
Here are slide shows to give you a better understanding on how important technology is and why I consider to welcome technology into my classroom.

http://classroom.4teachers.org/ This website helped me create my classroom setup. Here is a view of my classroom. I would like to start off viewing an old classroom then develop into my 21st century classroom.

 Old classrooms didn't use any technology. Teachers would teach students standing up writing on chalkboards. 

In my classroom, I would like my student's tables front and center. This way all eyes will be on me the teacher. The circle rug is place in the center to give full attention to a student who is given an presentation or answering a question. This will prevent other students from talking while others are speaking. In the down right corner is my desk. I don't plan on sitting there while class is in session, but hey I need a desk. Looking up into the upper right hand corner is the reading station. The reading station has sofa, beanbag chair, book shelves, and a easel. I will keep this station for finding research, reading or quiet time. Along the perimeter of my classroom are computers. My classroom is setup this way because students attention needs to be in the front of the room. It will give students a clear view of the smart board, which is front and center. Importantly technology is taking over. I want my students to have full advantage of the network.

K-2~ Understand basic properties (number of sides, corners, square corners) of and similarities and differences between simple geometric shapes
  • Understands the concepts of circles, squares, rectangles, cones, cylinders, cubes, pyramids, rectangular prisms, spheres, triangles
  • Knows attributes
  • Understands the basic concept of congruence (i.e same size and shape) of two-dimensional shapes
  • Know parts (e.g faces, edges, vertices)
  • Knows definitions of attributes of shapes



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Shapes, Shapes, Everywhere

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going Green

I'm sorry it took me so long to post "Going Green", but this video include a couple of my classmates going green.

We used flip, which is a recording device. Throughout the recording we shot about six different scenes. once the scenes where finish, one of my fellow classmate name Eric edit our clip on flip software. The video above is our final clip.
This project was fun and enjoying. I was the camera lady. I didn't find any problems with recording the scenes. Nice job group!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What do you think of my blog?

Finale and Prezi

Today is class we had to more presenters name Eric and Brittany. Eric was the first presenter is presented a tool called Finale. Finale is a tool that you can present and create music. This music can be shared on your mp3, pc, blog etc. To understand Finale you have to know notes and have a music background. Finale costs up to $600.00 dollars, but you can get a discount if your a student, teacher, or member of a church. Brittany presented Prezi. Prezi is similar to Popplet. It's unlimited space to work with and share information. A downfall is the movements can get confusing and busy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Presentations On November 8, 2011

In class we had two presenter Amy and Victoria. Amy and Victoria presented the tool KIDSPIRATION. Kidspiration is a tool use to label or catergorize materials. It strengthen word recognition, vocabulary and writing. Develop math skills with virtual math manipulatives. It's a great tool to get children involve in a group discussion. Also, it shows leadership. I wish the presenter would of explained it better, but overall the program is useful

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classroom Presentations Presented Nov. 1, 2011

Popplet~ is a good tool to use visual. In class I enjoy viewing Popplet. Popplet have four features you can present such as videos, pictures, quotes, and documents. Popplet can also be use to go over a lesson or compare work of others. However, you have to regitser and your limited to 6 popplet.

Story-jumper- Create own books that you can publish. There are sixteen pages limited. Story-jumper is a good way to illustrate artwork and teach a lesson. You have to register and purchase the program.

Wordle~Wordle is a free open source program. The more you write a word the me its important. It express your main points. However, its not very useful. If you don't plan on saving it on your usb drive or computer its pointless. Everything erase once you log off.

Overall these tools can be useful in early childhood education. The tools are another way of expressing learning.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Go! Animate4School

Browsing through the web, I found a interesting tool. Go! Animate4Schools is the tool I found interesting. What Go! Animate4Schools allows you to create is an animation of something you learn in a classroom. I found it interesting because as a future teacher, I can share this with my collaeges and students. Go! Animate4Schools complements your teaching. For example, intergrating design principles into animation. I will go to the program Go! Animate4Schools and register. Shortly after registering, the person in charge of the program will send you a quote. Once you receive the quote, your animation of your lesson about intergrating design principles will be animated into a summary of you lesson. Students will put learning into Go! Animated4Schools, as well as sharing their practices and experience. However, this can be a long process if should do not remember the lesson. Some viewers would believe this is the easy way out of exactly teaching students in classrooms, but I believe this is a good way of reviewing your lesson. For example, it turns the lesson into a cartoon animation that a child will watch. Also, it allow student to get involved and give feedback. Last but not least, it puts the word FUN into learning.


GoAnimate4Schools.com: Design Principles and GoAnimate by Steve Moore

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!