Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classroom Presentations Presented Nov. 1, 2011

Popplet~ is a good tool to use visual. In class I enjoy viewing Popplet. Popplet have four features you can present such as videos, pictures, quotes, and documents. Popplet can also be use to go over a lesson or compare work of others. However, you have to regitser and your limited to 6 popplet.

Story-jumper- Create own books that you can publish. There are sixteen pages limited. Story-jumper is a good way to illustrate artwork and teach a lesson. You have to register and purchase the program.

Wordle~Wordle is a free open source program. The more you write a word the me its important. It express your main points. However, its not very useful. If you don't plan on saving it on your usb drive or computer its pointless. Everything erase once you log off.

Overall these tools can be useful in early childhood education. The tools are another way of expressing learning.